Our Journey

We disrupt traditional value exchange processes and replace them with trusted networks by using unique qualities of blockchain technology.

We first started our journey in 2016 as a Fintech company with the aim of making exchange of value easier, more secure and frictionless. Emergence of blockchain as a game changing technology has been a milestones for our company.

As we realised the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionise the whole process of value exchange, we have focused our efforts to become one of the pioneers of blockchain in Turkey. Building on our experience in fintech and technology, we are here to help to build your future in blockchain.

We Believed

“from internet of information to internet of value”

Internet revolutionised the way we connect and exchange value. It enabled easier, faster and secure ways of value exchange. However, it has created its own centralised systems, making us again obliged to trust those systems in each and every transaction we realise. Blockchain, as a disruptive technology, is changing the way we connect and exchange once again; this time with a decentralised and transparent approach; giving power back to the people and changing traditional systems for the better.

We believe that building trusted networks will not only empower individuals and communities but also the companies of today, who will be visionary enough to redefine their business by using the means of this revolutionary technology instead of waiting it to come and replace them.