Mobile Compatible & Global, Secure Payment Infrustracture

What is 3DS 2.0?

3DS 2.0 is a system which is developed to verify card owner in a virtual environment thus providing secure payment experience. 3DS 1.0 was for browser flow, with 3DS 2.0 secure payment in mobile flow will be provided. Beside that there will be some improvements in the browser flow.

What was the problem?

3DS 1.0 does not have a mobile flow. Therefore, there is no single and certain way to provide secure payment in mobile devices. As a result, each merchant has to make their own development at their payment page to provide secure payment for mobile devices.

What is the solution?

With 3DS 2.0 there will be a standard flow for secure payments in mobile devices. This will make easier for merchants to accept 3DS payments without extra development. To enable this BKM’s ACS (Access Control Server) will be updated by Finartz to make the system compatible with 3DS 2.0.

Contribution of Finartz

Idea development

Software development