Express checkout for BKM Express

What is Adresim Express?

Adresim Express (translation to english: My Address Express) is a new feature of BKM Express which allows customers shop without needing to enter address information at every e-commerce or m-commerce websites. Adresim Express can be count as express checkout of BKM Express.

What was the problem?

Customer had to reenter their address information at every merchant they visit and shop. This cause them to spend extra time and energy. Sometimes customers even change their mind and give up shoping just because it is to much hassle to enter the proper address. This affect customer conversion rate badly.

What is the solution?

Adresim Express eliminates the need for reentering address information at every website customers visit and use. With Adresim Express customer completes transaction with the address already entered on BKM Express. This feature is very useful for especially shop without log in.

Contribution of Finartz

Idea development

Software development