API based payment system

What is BKM Express 2.0?

BKM Express is a payment system which is developed by BKM, banks, and leading e-commerce companies to make online payments easy, fast, secure & enjoyable. BKM Express 2.0 is the latest version that developed based on microservice architecture. BKM Express 2.0 aims to improve user & merchant experience by making payment and integration easier, frictionless and lightweight.

What was the problem?

Previous BKM Express application had 3 improvement area. First, user experience was low because of the complex payment checkout structure. Second, customer conversion rate was low. Third, integration with merchants was a big challenge.

What is the solution?

Improved customer experience and conversion rate

Before BKM Express 2.0, in order to complete payment, customer was redirected to BKM Express payment page. Thanks to API based application and lightweight client. Customer can make payment on merchant’s page now. Since user will stay at the merchant’s payment page, customer conversion rate is better than any alternative payment system. There is a double-handshake with merchant before payment processed. This minimizes mistaken transaction which cause customer dissatisfaction.

Easy integration

By integrating only two SDKs (which are Client SDK and Server SDK) to their systems merchants can easily integrate with BKM Express 2.0.

Contribution of Finartz

Idea development

Software development