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The EMV 3D Secure you already know. And beyond.

Go beyond the minimum and use next-gen authentication to increase approval rates while reducing fraud with the help of Risk-based Authentication and Payment Passkeys.
  • emvco-60
  • pci-70
  • visa-120
  • mc-50
  • amex-60
  • discover-60
  • jcb-70
  • unionpay-70

Access Control Server for Issuers

Seamless Shopping Experience Driven by Data

Make smarters decisions through data to seamlessly authenticate your cardholders for a better payment experience and lower fraud rates.

Available for on-premise and SaaS

Supports all major card brands

Real-time risk scoring engine for frictionless checkout

FIDO Passkeys, push notification and OTP

Feature-rich admin UI - Configrations, SSL & Monitoring

Easy integration via web services


SecureScore RBA

Frictionless Payments with Risk-Based Authentication

Embedded module to manage 3DS related fraud rules and maximize frictionless transactions

Dynamic rule management

 RBA advice assists issuer decision

  All relevant 3D Secure parameters

  Includes Visa & MC Risk Analysis




3DS Server for Merchants, PSPs and Acquirers

Reduce Chargebacks And False Declines Without Compromising Security

Designed to scale, Secureartz 3DS Server enables merchants/acquirers to reliably process transactions even at peak periods.

For merchants, PSPs, acquirers and processors 

Available for on-premise and SaaS

Supports all major card brands

Easy merchant onboarding - Online & File

Feature-rich admin UI - Configrations, SSL & Monitoring

Easy integration via web services


Directory Server for Payment Networks

The Heart of 3D Secure. Fully Customizable For Your Needs

Connect acquirers and issuers and bring the innovation 3D Secure offers while having your own program rules

Available for on-premise

Professional services to create program rules

Supports all major card brands and yours

Stand-In ACS with Risk Scoring

Detokenization support

Feature-rich admin UI - Configrations & Monitoring


Key Highlights

Choose what best fits you

(for ease of mind) SaaS (for full control) On-Premise
PCI DSS & 3DS Compliant Ready
Card Brand Certifications Certified Ready
Feature Rich Admin UI
Easy Integration via Web Services
Extensive Customer Support
Implementation Support

Some of our customers' thoughts about us

Super supportive team and smooth process from implementation to production!

The team walked us through the implementation project plan and stepped in at every step. It would have take a lot more time and effort if it was not for the super supportive team at Secureartz. 

Engin Sarac
Lead Product Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMV 3D Secure?

EMV 3D Secure (3DS) is a security protocol that protects against fraud in card-not-present (CNP) transactions. It utilizes data exchange and risk-based authentication for better verification of cardholders, reducing chargebacks for merchants.

How does EMV 3D Secure work?

During checkout, a risk analysis takes place. This seamless layer assesses transaction risk behind the scenes, minimizing friction for legitimate purchases. If the risk assessment requires, an additional authentication step is triggered – often a code sent to the customer's phone or a biometric check. 

What are the benefits of using EMV 3D Secure?
  • Fraud reduction and fewer chargebacks.
  • Liability shift protection for merchants.
  • Improved customer confidence in online transactions.
  • Compliance with industry regulations like PSD2.
How do I implement Finartz 3D Secure products to my business?

Based on your requirements, you may choose to have our products licensed and deployed to your premises, whether it’s a private datacenter or one of the global cloud services, such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. Alternatively, you may opt in for the SaaS option and integrate to Finartz 3D Secure APIs. 

Do Finartz 3D Secure products work with all card brands?

Finartz 3D Secure products are certifiable with all of the major card brands, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and more.  

Are Finartz 3D Secure products PCI DSS and PCI 3DS Compliant?

Finartz 3D Secure products are compliant with PCI DSS and PCI 3DS. We have extensive expertise in audit processes and provide consultancy services during the audit.

Can I customize the EMV 3D Secure authentication process?

Finartz offers varying levels of customization to help you balance security and user-friendliness in a way that matches your brand's needs.

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