Innovative solutions for cashless society


Our Vision

Enabling further development of society by assuring the easy, secure and frictionless exchange of value between individuals, companies and institutions. 


How we work? 


Understanding needs


Detecting pain points


Ideating solutions at the intersection of people, business, and technology


Creating change by innovation

About Us

“Earning money is already difficult, why spending should be?”

Asking this question was the starting point of our journey. In a world where all of us work hard enough to make money, we don’t see many people working to make it easier and safer for us to spend it. Current models and the exchange of value between people, companies, and institutions should be reconsidered and continuously improved. In a constantly changing world, the need for innovation will never stop.

Finartz is a fintech company, built in 2016, in Istanbul. We are focused on innovating solutions that would enable the cashless society vision of Turkey. Our team consists growing number of highly skilled and young innovators, who are committed serving the ever-changing needs of the people and the business with a fresh mind and innovative solution.

Why do we care about Cashless Society? 


Cashless Society is more than reshaping finance world, also contributing to the social and economic health of the country in multiple ways. As the experts in this field, we commit our time and effort to help Turkey reach this vision sooner and better. This is a never ending journey, requires constant innovation as the time, business and people change. It keeps our eyes on innovation, world trends and the undiscovered world of opportunities in fintech. As we move forward in our journey, we’ll keep you updated about the latest news in our blog.




With an in-depth understanding of fintech solutions and bank system environments, our team can help you seamlessly integrate and successfully launch new solutions into your business. We manage all client deployments and solution upgrades using unique and proven programs and processes, including custom product requests, FinApp development, UI consulting, reporting, best practices for user engagement.

Custom Product Development

From UI design and development to custom integrations, we engage in a wide range of custom implementation projects for deeper integration and customization requirements. Each client is assigned a dedicated project manager and team to scope out specific requirements and project plans for custom engagements.

Our Clients

Our Partners

Office: İcerenköy, Degirmen Yolu Cd. No:25, 34752 Atasehir/İstanbul

R&D Office: Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi Teknopark C1/111 Esenler/Istanbul